Traditional Portfolio

The Traditional interior designs you see here were created for our clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with special attention to detail.  Our New Jersey Interior Designers make every attempt to create a unique space for each client reflecting their individual voice.  This accounts for the variation in style of these portfolio pages.  We accept projects from California to the Caribbean that require our special talents and resources.  Cast plaster details by old world craftsmen, custom handwoven carpets from Asia, and one of a kind lighting pieces are some of the many items that make every room unique to the owner.  Our designs reflect the homeowner’s desires for comfort and utility.  Each design is unique to the client’s own voice and vision.
” We have had several months to digest and enjoy the fruits of your talents.  It was by coincidence or perhaps not that we had the pleasure to meet and work with you.  Although I was not prepared for what was coming, the result has exceeded expectations.  The axiom applies, price always forgotten – quality and value long remembered.  You made the experience enjoyable and pleasant.  My wife and I thank you for your vision and skill … your kindness and patience were always evident.”